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Natural Seeder - System 2

Automatic Tray Indexing Mechanism

This model has a mechanism to index the plug tray etc. under the seeder for precise sowing of seeds. The mechanism is powered by compressed air and controlled by a microprocessor PLC to synchronise it with the seeder. In operation, the growing container is loaded under the front of the seeder. A microswitch starts the cycle, and the mechanism pushes the tray forward a row at a time, seeding each time until the tray, fully seeded, is re-presented to the operator, when the mechanism stops ready for the next tray.  Dwell control and Multi-sow are now standard features (see below). A domestic single-phase electrical supply is required for this model.

The Seed Pick-Up Dwell Control, at the flick of a switch, causes the nozzle bar to dwell in the seed tray for a longer period, giving the last few seeds of a seeding run the necessary time to be carried into the air flow of the nozzles for pick-up. This system virtually eliminates the 'misses' right down to the last few seeds in the tray. The Multi-Sow feature allows for 1, 2, or 3 sowing cycles to be selected before the tray is indexed to the next row.  These features are now standard on the P100PLC Tray Indexing Mechanism, as they are built in to the control system.