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TEA CUBE2 600N Transplanter

The Hamilton T.E.A. CUBE2 600N series transplanter is a radical new development of the XP series of tranplanters, highly user friendly and designed for all sizes of greenhouse. Each head is independently controlled by a sophisticated, but easy to use, computer. It can be constructed with 3 to 10 heads, resulting in the ideal setup for your operation. A four head machine can transplant at a rate of 6500+ plants per hour, depending on the application, rising to nearly 10000 plants per hour for a six head machine. Typically, two operators can keep up with production, one to load trays and label packs, and the other to unload and patch the occasional misses. 

Computer controlled for accuracy and versatility, it can transplant from virtually any plug tray into almost any pot or pack configuration. It can even transplant from small to large plug trays. Trays can be fed lengthways or widthways through the machine to increase the transplanting options. The computer can be programmed through the control panel at the factory, or by the operator, with up to 99 plug tray programs and 99 pack/pot programs, giving nearly 10000 possible combinations. Pickup and planting depth, and speed, can be varied while the machine is operating. A USB flash drive is provided for backups, and program and software updates.  

Programming for different trays is achieved by entering the tray dimensions into the computer memory. The memory can be recalled at the touch of a button and no tools are required when changing trays and packs. All motions are motor controlled and no manual adjustments are required. Plug trays and packs up to 600mm (24") wide can be accommodated. The computer automatically selects the optimum number of heads to be used, and parks those not required, eliminating the need to add and remove heads manually.