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The Company's interests are dedicated to providing the means by which growers can raise their own plug-raised seedlings. At a time when plug technology was in its infancy we designed and launched the Hamilton Natural Seeder, a machine capable of sowing a diverse range of seeds into virtually any pot, tray or container. Since then our machines have become world leaders in the field of horticultural seeders - selling in more than thirty countries world-wide - and are now firmly established as the standard against which others are judged. Still very much a family business, Hamilton Design continues to innovate, providing elegant, reliable and cost-effective solutions to horticultural problems.


It is with regret that we have decided to close our office and workshop for all but one day per week, due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Since the introduction of the UK Government restrictions, we have a responsibility to keep our workforce safe from the threat, and there has been an almost total loss of business, making it uneconomical to operate as usual.  Please continue to phone or email us as usual, but please accept our apologies if responses take longer than normal.  We will continue to supply spare parts, but deliveries will be on a weekly basis, not next day as has been the case in the past.

We hope you understand the reasons behind our decision, and hope that you all keep healthy and safe in these uncertain times.